KKB Ministry

The KKB Ministry focuses on serving an indigenous community in Kampung Gerachi Jaya (KGJ). Sitting on a hilltop (3500ft) overlooking Sungai Selangor Dam, KGJ comprises mainly of Temuan.

KGJ was opened in 2002 to resettle 51 Temuan families displaced by the dam project. The Temuan, traditionally hunters and gathers of jungle produce, were compensated with brick houses and land for cultivation of fruit trees and cash crops.

We took over the KKB Ministry in August 2012 which then had three families of believers. Since then, we have been visiting KGJ two Saturdays per month conducting education, children and adults works.

The KKB Ministry, now in its eighth year of service, has 17 Christian families with baptized members at the beginning of 2020.

We have wonderful time of Christmas celebration.