The 5 Offerings in Leviticus (Part 2) – Ps Khor

The 5 Offerings in Leviticus (Part 2) – Ps Khor


Today as we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, we praise the Lord for 3 wonderful blessings: 1. Harvest of all that we have been sowing. 2. Revelations from His Word. 3. Power from on High in the outpouring of His Spirit. The coming of the Holy Spirit is the wonderful PROMISE OF THE FATHER. In this Promise, the 3rd Person of the Trinity, God the Holy Spirit is poured out into the world, baptizing His Church with His power and fire enabling and empowering His church to be His witnesses. God Himself by the Holy Spirit now dwells with and in His people globally everywhere all the time. May we all come to the full realization of this amazing promise and live in the fullness of His Spirit. Read Ez 36:27, 37:14, Joel 2:28-29 & Zec 4:6


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