SLAVE – Person who is legally owned by another person and has no freedom of action or rights. They are forced to work without pay, can be sold at the owner’s will and considered a commodity. Slave mentality is extremely difficult to change as shown in the Bible: (1) Whilst in the wilderness, the Israelites complained to Moses & Aaron when confronted with no food. Exodus16:2-3 (2) The Israelites were fearful when received news from 10 spies that the promised land is occupied by giants Numbers 14:2-4. It is easy to take the slave out of their environment but not easy to take slave out of their mind. Motivated by Fear & forced to obey.

SERVANT – Person that is hired to work for a period of time based on an agreed amount of money in return. Referring to “employees”. They are motivated by “whats in it for me”. Perform duties based on what is required, no more no less. Legalistic and work as what is required. Motivated by returns.
SON – This is a gift given by the Father. Father that chose us. We cannot earn this title. It’s by birth and relational. The son inherits the father’s wealth. Motivated by love, respect and loyalty.