Filipino Ministry

Filipino Ministry

Maligayang Pagdating

On 29 Aug 2016, the Filipino Ministry was started with 7 attendees on the third floor of The Hope of Glory Centre.

Since then, we have a Worship Service every Sunday from 1.30pm-3.30pm. Through prayer and Life Group, God added more Filipinos to this ministry. By God’s grace, as of the present, we have average 50 attendees every Sunday. In all, Sunday and Life Group, we have 100 members.

Life group

The Leaders

sunday services

We have three Life Groups in different areas:

1. Damai Ampang – led by Merlina
2. Bandar Baru (Spectrum) – led by Marilyn
3. Bandar Baru (CIMB) – led by Ps Joseph

During our Life Groups, we have Opening Prayer / Praise and Worship; Sharing Time / Short Message; Question and Answer / Prayer Request; Thanksgiving Song and Prayer / Fellowship and Food.

Come, be part of the family. Contact Ps Joseph at 016-979 8023