Have you been denied entrance to a place that you very much wanted to visit? If you have, you will know how disappointing it is. If the door to heaven were to be shut to anyone, it would be unspeakable grief for all eternity. Today, the door is still open to those who would acknowledge their sins & their need of Jesus to be their Saviour. Jesus is coming back soon and the door to the Father would be closed then to all sinners and unprepared “Christians” (Matt 25:10). Today is the day of Salvation, today is the day for us to keep on proclaiming the Gospel to the lost and to make disciples for Jesus. Today is the day for nominal believers to be truly saved, having the Word and the Spirit in our lives. Jesus is knocking at the door of hearts. May our hearts & the hearts of our loved ones & children be fully opened to Him (Rev 3:20)