Today we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus who rose again triumphant over death and sin and all the powers of the devil. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection we are now restored back to fellowship with God to be joined with Jesus to become God’s beloved and blessed children. In Eph 1:20-23 God raised Jesus and seated Him RIGHT AT THE TOP above ALL. And He gave that position at the TOP to us all as His gift to us. This position at the TOP is where He wants us to be and to reach by faith in His mercy and grace. Heb 4:16. God has done it all for us and He doesn’t want us to only reach half-way (at the restaurant) but to go RIGHT UP TO THE TOP. The access to ALL HIS MERCIES AND GRACE is open (the veil torn by God). God wants us to use the way opened to us freely.

Speaker by Jenny Ooi.