What a generation we are living in now! Basic family structure is threatened day after day! Parents are overwhelmed and confused about what it means to be a parent and children are patterning their moral values after and seeking guidance from their peers.

Deuteronomy 6: 1-15 reveals that it is God’s plan for the older generation to teach God’s truths to succeeding generations and how they are to be taught. Hence, there is a need for godly parents, grandparents and extended spiritual family (the church) whose heart condition is right. We are to live wholesome lives – fear God, love Him wholehearted, thank Him daily and worship Him our only God. In this way, we will leave a deep spiritual impression on the younger generation including our children and grandchildren.

Whar are we to do? Let us ask the Lord to challenge us to be willing to live a life that will leave a deep spiritual impression on our children, granchildren, and the rest of the younger generation.

Our Vision

To Help Youth Finding A Relationship With God- "Keng" Youth. We want to value relationships in the youth ministry. We want students to have a vital relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We want leaders to have solid relationships with one another, with the youths and with the youths' parents. We want the youth to have accountability relationships with other youths and with their own parents, and want the church body (HGC) to have a good relationship with the youth.

Our Mission

  • To REACH the non-believing students, un-churched students.
  • To CONNECT them with other Christians.
  • To help them to GROW in their faith.
  • To challenge them to DISCOVER their ministry and HONOR God with their life.
  • To equip potential leaders among the youth to teach, to minister and to exercise theirs giftings.